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Oliva Properties purchases 6601 Joy Rd.
Oliva Properties, LLC has purchased a 25,500 SF office and warehouse facility located at 6601 Joy Rd....


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6724 Thompson Road
Syracuse, New York 13211
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Oliva Construction Office, 1953 - Roxford Road, Syracuse, NY
Anthony Oliva & Sons (Oliva Construction Co.) moved their offices to the 100 block of Roxford Road and Court Street from 485 Durston Avenue in 1953.

Grady's General Tire - 5431 South Bay Road, N. Syracuse
Oliva constructed this 4,850 square foot full service garage in 1963 for Grady's General Tire. The lease was for 30 years at a fixed price of $1.80 per square foot. Who knew about inflation!

Lincoln Bank - 3808 Brewerton Road, N. Syracuse
Oliva constructed this 2,500 square foot branch bank in 1963 for Lincoln Bank. Lincoln leased the facility for 20 years and now, after three extensive remodels, the building is home to Citizens Bank.

Wonder Bread - 5820 East Molloy Road, Syracuse
Wonder Bread hired Oliva in 1963 to construct its 12,000 square foot facility for its surplus bread and cake products depot. Hostess Cakes still operates out of the same facility today.

6720 Townline Road, Syracuse
Oliva constructed The Longhorn Restaurant building on the corners of Townline Road and Vincent Drive in 1965.

Calvary Episcopal Church and School - James Street and Durston Avenue, Syracuse
Constructed in 1962, Oliva was hired to add a two story 6,000 square foot school onto the Calvary Episcopal Church.

Honeywell Corporation - Arterial Road, Syracuse
Oliva constructed this 10,000 square foot office building for the Honeywell Corporation in 1958. Several years later Honeywell moved its headquarters to Liverpool and hired Oliva to remodel their facility.

4317 East Genesee Street, Dewitt
This 12,000 square foot office building located in the heart of Dewitt was constructed in 1964 for Landers and Hyde Accountants and Auditors and Castle and Castle Realtors.

Oliva Construction Office, 1965 - 6734 Townline Road, Syracuse
Oliva constructed this building in 1965 for their main offices. The building was sold in the 1970's to the Eraser Company who is still located there today.

Airborne Freight Corp. - 6744 Townline Road, Syracuse
Constructed in 1965 for Airborne Freight which later became Airborne Express, this building was sold in 1995 to All Seasons Mechanical.

Gar Building - 416 West Onondaga Street, Syracuse
This 16,000 square foot office building was built for Dr. Albert H. Garofalo in 1962.

114-118 Boss Road, Syracuse
This 15,000 square foot office and warehouse facility was constructed in 1967. Oliva owned and managed the building for 38 years until it was sold in 2005.

3712 New Court Avenue, Syracuse
Oliva was hired by Henry's Hamburgers in 1960 to construct one of the first only drive-in restaurants in Central New York. The building today is still a restaurant.

6734 Townline Road, Syracuse
Oliva constructed this 4,000 square foot building for Steele Piping Corporation in 1965.

1025 James Street, Syracuse
Oliva constructed this 36 unit efficiency apartment building on James Street, one of Syracuse's most well known streets, in 1965.

923 James Street, Syracuse
Oliva constructed The Cliff House in 1965. The Cliff House has 48 apartment units near Downtown Syracuse.

941 James Street, Syracuse
This 41 unit apartment building is just one of many apartment buildings Oliva constructed on James Street in the early 1960's.

Morgan Garden Apartments - Morgan Road, Liverpool
These 110 unit, all brick apartment buildings were constructed in 1968-69 on Morgan Road and John Glenn Boulevard in Liverpool. The apartments also had a separate community room and pool for residents to use.

6744 Townline Road, Syracuse
1963 ground breaking for the new Awaywego Delivery Inc. company headquarters building. Steve Oliva, CEO of Oliva Construction, is shown on the far left.

Saint Cecilia's Convent, Solvay
Oliva was hired in 1964 to build the Saint Cecilia's Convent at 1001 Woods Road in Solvay.

Good Year Auto Service Center - NYS Route 11, North Syracuse
Oliva constructed this 8,000 square foot garage and service center for Good Year Tire in 1965. The building is still operated by Good Year today.

1019 James Street, Syracuse
James Hill Mannor, a 42 unit apartment building, was constructed by Oliva in 1966.

6602 Joy Road, East Syracuse
Oliva constructed the new home for The American Wheel Corporation in 1969. Shown here are Steve and Tony Oliva, CEO and President of Oliva Construction. Tony Oliva is shown handing the keys with Steve Oliva looking on behind him.

6766 Old Collamer Road, East Syracuse
Shown here is the ground breaking for the new 4,000 square foot RCA service store in 1967. Steve and Tony Oliva, CEO and President of Oliva Construction are shown here third and second from the right, respectively. The building, still owned and managed by Oliva, was expanded to 8,000 square feet in 2001.

Henry Clay Blvd., Liverpool
Oliva Construction was hired in 1962 for the structural concrete work on the General Foods, 110,000 square foot warehouse in Liverpool.

Townsend Street, Syracuse
42 unit apartment complex on Townsend and Union Streets in Downtown Syracuse.

6744 Townline Road, Syracuse
Awawego Delivery building completion in 1963. Shown here is Tony Oliva (far left), President of Oliva Construction, handing ower the keys to the new facility.

Liverpool Bus Garage, Liverpool
Oliva constructed this 10,000 square foot bus garage for the Liverpool Central School District in 1961.

6847 Ellicott Drive, East Syracuse
The 73,000 square foot central distribution center constructed for Ellicott Cardinal Corporation was a key distribution point for pharmaceuticals and sundries.

Lincoln Bank, Brewerton Rd., N. Syracuse


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