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Oliva & Partners sell 716 James Street
Oliva Companies and their partners sell the 60+ year old red brick office/medical building at 716 Jame...


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6724 Thompson Road
Syracuse, New York 13211
Phone:(315) 463-8684
Fax:(315) 463-4761

Available Space  -   October, 2017

For further information please contact Steve Oliva or Ed Rogers at 315-463-8684 or
use the Real Estate Department link on our contact page.

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(Sq. Ft.)
18 Corporate Cr., E. Syracuse 9,933YesFlex
5 Adler Dr., E. Syracuse 2,680N/AOffice
5 Adler Dr., E. Syracuse 2,000NoOffice
5 Adler Dr., E. Syracuse 2,950NoOffice
6019 Corporate Dr., E. Syracuse 9,990 N/AFlex
6035 Corporate Dr., E. Syracuse 2,175N/AOffice
6221 Route 31, Cicero 2,150N/AMed/Office
6221 Route 31, Cicero 690N/AMed/Office
6221 Route 31, Cicero 1,060 NoMedical
6221 Route 31, Cicero 3,360YesMed/Office
6311 Fly Rd., E. Syracuse 1,835YesOffice
6320 Fly Rd., E. Syracuse 735N/AOffice
6320 Fly Rd., E. Syracuse 750NoOffice
6700 Kirkville Rd., E. Syracuse 1,255 N/AMed/Office
6700 Old Collamer Rd., E. Syracuse 735N/AOffice
6700 Old Collamer Rd., E. Syracuse 450NoOffice
6700 Thompson Rd., Syracuse 4,545N/AFlex
6801 Kinne St., E. Syracuse 2,000N/ARetail
6838 Ellicott Dr., E. Syracuse 3,433N/AFlex
7010 Fly Rd., E. Syracuse 4,400 N/AFlex
7020 Fly Rd., E. Syracuse 6,385YesFlex
Myers Rd., E. Syracuse 26,000YesMed/Office
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