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Since 1937, the Oliva Companies have constructed over ten million square feet of commercial property.

Anthony Oliva, Inc. d/b/a Oliva Construction Company, incorporated in 1961, is a general contractor skilled in every form of construction and construction management, from site selection and purchase to the design, planning, financing, and construction of the building.

Oliva Holding, LLC, formed in 1951, is the foundation of the buildings constructed, owned and managed by the Oliva Construction Company. Oliva Holding and other related partnerships lease to over 300 companies that represent a full spectrum of business interests.

The Oliva Brokerage, LLC, formerly the Oliva Real Estate Company, established in 1978, serves as a full scale real estate brokerage house specializing in leasing, sales and development all over Central New York.

Personalized attention has been the guiding principle in this family owned and operated business for three generations.

Let the Oliva Companies work for you.

Family / Corporate History


Antonio Oliva, Founder

1896 - 1994

Antonio Oliva came from Sicily, Italy in 1921 and settled in Syracuse, NY where he worked as a carpenter building homes. In 1937, Antonio started on his own building homes in his north side neighborhood. Antonio retired as a carpenter in 1961 and passed on the family business to his sons, Stephen and Anthony.


Stephen A. Oliva, CEO

1931 - 2003

Steve joined his father Antonio (Anthony) in the family business in 1951, where Steve guided the company to commercial building with less emphasis on residential construction. Steve formed Oliva Holding Company in 1951, which leased and still leases to office and warehousing companies throughout Central New York. In 1961, after Antonio's retirement, Steve & Anthony Oliva, Steve's youngest brother, incorporated their construction company under the name Anthony Oliva, Inc.

Steve's vision of construction helped form the backbone of commercial and industrial development in Central New York. Today, many buildings constructed by Anthony Oliva, Inc. (d/b/a Oliva Construction Company) for commercial businesses are still owned and managed by the Oliva Companies.


Anthony S. Oliva, President

Anthony oversees all phases of general construction from the bidding process, negotiating contracts, to final project closeout documents. He has an excellent rapport with owners, architects and subcontractors. Anthony is also broker/owner of the Oliva Real Estate Company and serves as treasurer and financial officer responsible for procuring financing and other fiduciary responsibilities to all related Companies. He began his career in 1962, earning his B.S. from Le Moyne College in 1961, and M.B.A., from Le Moyne in 1997.

Stephen A. Oliva, Jr., Vice-President

Stephen began his career with the company in 1991, after earning a B.S. from West Virginia University. He operates the leasing and development division for the Oliva Companies commercial properties. With extensive experience in CAD, his responsibilities include all forms of real estate leasing and development from design build to project completion.

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